Review: Lodge Logic 12-Inch Pre-Seasoned Skillet

March 15th, 2007 by Jeff in Equipment

I finally received the Lodge Logic 12-Inch Pre-Seasoned Skillet I ordered from Amazon. I took the free shipping option since cast iron cookware weighs so much it only makes sense. As I previously discussed, I am switching over much of my cookware to either stainless steel, cast iron or ceramic coated.

This skillet brings back memories of my childhood when my mother only had one frying pan and it was that huge heavy cast iron skillet. This looks almost identical and if anything, weighs more than what I remember.

The first thing you notice about this and any other Lodge cookware is that it comes pre-seasoned. Seasoning or curing is about binding oil to the cast iron so it seals up all the pores in the metal. This makes the cookware basically non-stick and also keeps the iron from rusting. Iron will rust quicker than any other metal. Fortunately with a wire brush or steel wool, you can knock off any rust that may ever infect your cast iron cookware.

Normally, you would have to wash the cookware in hot water, place on a hot stove to cook off the water, and then oil the entire piece followed by baking it in an oven at 375 degrees for about 40 minutes. Not a big deal I guess, but if your like me, you want to be able to use something right after you buy it. 🙂

This skillet was the perfect size for my family. The first meal I cooked for my family of four with it was some chicken thighs. I cooked up five thighs and had room for probably three more so size was not an issue. It held the heat remarkably well especially since I am using an electric stove. I was able to take the skillet right from the stove top and put it into the oven with ease.

This brings me to the only thing some people might think is a drawback with this skillet. It has a rather small handle. There really is no way to grab the handle with two hands which someone who is not as strong might have trouble with. I am picturing an 80 year old woman perhaps having a tough time picking this up with one hand. However, there is a good thing about having this small handle. If you have a small oven, a lot of times it is hard to find a skillet that will fit. Many times the handle is just too long on cast iron skillets 12 inches or larger. So although the handle may be small, for someone like me who had an oven that is not very deep, it is a godsend.

The skillet has a spout on each side for pouring liquids and grease out of the pan. I wish all pans had this.

And then of course, there is the flavoring. It is usually about once a week we have the chicken thighs I cooked. When there is a night I just don’t have time to cook up anything crazy, the chicken comes out because it tastes great, and is put together easily. All of us noticed the taste difference right away. The flavor was deeper and brought back memories of the way mom used to make it. Cast iron of course always adds iron to whatever is cooked in it, but this flavor was an added bonus.

I finally got rid of my last piece of Teflon coated cookware, my large skillet, and hung this one up on the rack. Having it only a week, I can’t recommend it more and Lodge by far is the way to go. The cost was less than $20.00 and you can already tell this pan will last a lifetime.


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