Our Honeymoon In New Orleans

July 31st, 2006 by Jeff in Life

The Funky Pirate Bourbon Street

This is the one place I knew I had to go back to. Every time I go to New

Orleans, I make sure I get to watch a couple sets at the Funky Pirate featuring
Big Al Carson. The heart of the blues thumps at the Funky Pirate. My biggest
worry about going back to New Orleans after Katrina was that something bad might
have happened and Big Al would not be there.

When you go, don’t leave until you hear Big Al’s signature song: “Built for

Big Al was very gracious to us, and even played my personal Big Al favorite:
“Walkin the dog”.

He then proceeded to play us a love song and had the entire house on their feet
for us. It was really above and beyond!

We got a picture taken with him and bought a special frame to put it in. Thanks
Big Al for making our Honeymoon that much more special!

The Rib Room (again)

We would not want to forget the only piano player in town that new our Wedding
song. Bobby Ellis was playing at the Rib Room and I asked him if he knew
“Someone to watch over me”. Not only did he play it for us, he gave us his CD,
and wouldn’t you know it, that song was on the CD! Every time we walked into the
Rib Room and Mr. Ellis was playing, he would play our song for us!

Many thanks!
Sean Kelly’s Between Royal and Bourbon on St. Louis

This was the best Irish bar we went to. It reminded me a bit of New York and
they had a Mets game on when we first showed up.

They have live music every night and we found one of the funniest musicians in
town and that was Beth Patterson. We ended up buying one of her CD’s even though
most of the music is serious Irish music. I cannot remember the name of the
guitar like instrument she plays but she is a master of it.

Gordon Biersch Brewery Location Unknown

I cannot remember where exactly this place is, but we found it between the
Riverwalk mall and Harrah’s Casino. We did not dine here, but enjoyed a couple
of their in-house beers. Andrea had a Raspberry Margarita that will really cool
you down on those hot July days. This is where most of the locals were dining,
so it may be a good restaurant but we did not get a chance to try it out.

In the end, our Honeymoon in New Orleans was fantastic. Sure, the crowds were
not the same, but to many of us, that is a good thing. For all of those out
there who are wondering if it is time to go back to New Orleans, our answer is a
loud yes!


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