Our Honeymoon In New Orleans

July 31st, 2006 by Jeff in Life

Other Restaurants:

Pere Antoine’s  741 Royal St.

Anything I say about this restaurant will probably not be fair. When we went to
eat, we were not all that hungry, but had a big night ahead of us and knew we
would need food. All I had to eat were appetizers. I had the Barbecued Shrimp
which was adequate. Their Caesar Salad with Shrimp was excellent! I highly
recommend this.

Andrea had the Chicken Alfredo (again) and says it was OK, but a bit too buttery
for her tastes.

I think if we would have ordered other meals things would have been better.
Everyone we spoke to, who had dined there loved the place.

Petunias 817 St. Louis Street

This restaurant used to serve dinner, but at the time of our honeymoon was only
staffed for breakfast and lunch. I had a cup of Gumbo which was very good and
not too spicy either. Getting a little tired of all the extravagant food, I just
ordered a Roast Beef Poboy with gravy and it was just as I expected.

Petunias is known for their crepes, so Andrea decided on trying their desert
crepe which contained ice cream, and bananas with a rum glaze. I do not think
she expected it to be so large. It was about as big as her forearm. The look on
her face when they brought this behemoth out, on fire, was priceless. She
finished about a third of it, and says it was very good and rich.

Petunias is a quaint place and very…… Pink inside. I would not call it a
mans restaurant, but delicious food none the less.

Fleur De Lis  Royal St?

I believe this place was on Royal St. pardon me if I am wrong. One of the hard
things to find in the city was a good breakfast place where they just serve
plain old breakfast. Honestly, I really cannot eat crab for breakfast. Sometimes
you just want pancakes and bacon.

The Fleur De Lis had the largest breakfast selection out of any place we found
in the Quarter. Quick, easy, painless, and delicious. You really cannot go wrong

Ralph and Kacoos  Location is forgettable

Now comes the inevitable bomb. I always like to try a place out 2-3 times before
I make this kind of judgment, but since we only had a week in the Crescent City,
that was just not possible. The service here was just horrible.

The only thing I found good there was the gator appetizer. Otherwise, the fillet
mignon was burnt, and the seafood platter looked like it had fell on the floor.
I tasted it for the next 16 hours. The salad was limp and brown.

I think if you are a big raw oyster fan, this place may not be bad as it seemed
geared for it.

For us, Ralph and Kacoos got four thumbs down.


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